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Just one small green 15cc tube will provide support for your horse’s lungs to withstand the extreme pressure of an intense training and racing regimen.


Welcome to Alcippos, Inc - Leading Manufactures of the Highest Quality Equine Supplements Available

For over 10 years, Alcippos, Inc. has provided a range of high-quality, effective equine performance supplements to help support a wide variety of issues such as Lung Bleeding, Pre-Event Energy & Tying Up. As with most products on the market, many equine supplement manufacturers are simply concocting formulas based on what the competition is making without any true research behind their formulations. In addition to these poorly crafted formulas, many of these manufacturers are sourcing low grade ingredients that are higher on impurities and lower in absorption. However, Alcippos, Inc.  relies on years of testing, thorough research and only the finest quality ingredients - sourced and verified only from trusted suppliers. We encourage you to read more about our products on this website and you will see that they are not just some formula with the latest “Hot” ingredients put together to convince you into buying them. We are so confident that our products will meet your satisfaction that we stand behind them with a money back guarantee.